Our Courses

Key Information

Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday) 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: In-Person, Online, Blended learning

Entry requirements: Standard English Level

Investment Outlay: Negotiable

Tourism and Hospitality Management

1. Introduction to Tourism

2. Introduction to Hospitality Management

3. Introduction to Tourism Marketing

4. Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty

5. Reputation and Crisis Management

Digital Marketing

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Customer Journey Mapping

3. Digital Consumer Behaviour

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Budgeting and Analytics

Projects Management

1. Introduction to projects management

2. Leading and Managing the Project Teams

3. Operations Management

4. Risks Management

5. Procurement Management and Projects Delivery

Entrepreneurship and innovation management

1. Entrepreneurship and Business Creation

2. Foundations of Innovation Management

3. Entrepreneurial Decision Making

4. Technology Innovation and the Future of Management

5. Strategic Organisation

Human Resources Management

1. Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

2. Workforce Planning, Resourcing, and Talent Management

3. Diversity Management and Inclusion

4. Leadership and Effective People Management

5. Human Resources Research and Analytics

Logistics and supply chain management

1. Logistics and Physical Distribution

2. Supply Chain Operations Management

3. Purchasing Management

4. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

5. Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment

Marketing and Sales

1. Marketing management

2. Researching Markets and Consumers

3. Responsible Marketing

4. Marketing and Analytics

5. Sales negotiation

Customer Service

1. Principles of Customer Service

2. Customer Relationship Management

3. Consumer Behaviour

4. Handling Customers Complaints

5. Interpersonal and Team Working Skills

Management Courses

1. Office Management and Secretarial Courses

2. Crisis Management and Problem-Solving Courses

3. Human Resources Management Courses

4. Financial Management and Accounting Courses

5. Leadership Development Courses

6. Quality Management and Improvement Courses

7. Healthcare Facility Management Courses

8. Public Relations Management Courses

9. Risk Management Courses

10. Legal Management Courses

11. Information Technology Management Courses

12. Marketing Management Courses

13. Negotiation Management Courses

14. Feasibility Management Courses

Skill Development Courses

1. Workplace Environment Development Skills Courses

2. Train the Trainer Courses

Language Courses

1. General English Language Courses

2. Academic English Language Courses

3. Business English Language Courses

4. Spanish Language Courses

5. German Language Courses

6. Chinese Language Courses

Law Courses

1. Introduction to Company Law

2. Law-Making

3. English Law for International Lawyers

4. Corporate Finance Law

5. Business and Contract Law

6. Consumer Law

7. Legal Aspects of Purchasing

8. Legal Issues in international Trade Finance

9. Telecommunications Law and Regulations

10. E-Commerce Regulations